Ágnes Pór  

“I need to get myself in shape before I go to the gym”
“I don't think I could train like a beast today so why go at all”
Sounds familiar?
In todays cities our daily tasks require us in a sitting position, we have hectic schedules which results in a hectic eating style (grabbing a bite here and there). Instead of making space&time for fitness related activities in our everyday life, we rather choose last minute projects to reach our fitness goals in the shortest time possible.

"I'm here to let you know that there is life beyond bodybuilding and restrictive diets - that the gym is a big playground and that eating healthy has nothing to do with cheating and being clean. Stop punishing yourself!" says Agi.

Nowadays the internet makes sure that for every statement we find a contradiction as well. Her goal is to help you find the best way through this jungle of information.
(She also can't get bored with fitness&health related articles and will share all nerdy details with you.)
Most of her clients are complete beginners, and she's proud to say that fitness for them is no longer a struggle but a rather joyful addition to their lives.

To book an appoitment with me, send an email to pt@nr1fitness.hu requesting that you want to train with Ágnes