Personal training

Our certified personal trainers are happy to help you reaching your goal whether it is weight loss, muscle gaining, overall fitness level improvement, rehabiltion after injuries or sport specific programmes (i.e. skiing, tennis, running, etc.)!

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Why to choose a Personal Trainer?

  • To increase strength and fitness level
  • To get you in shape
  • To reduce your body fat
  • To build-up muscles
  • To give you nutritional advises
  • To show the proper movement of exercises
  • To improve your sense of balance
  • To increase your flexibility
  • To correct your postural deviations
  • To avoid injuries
  • To motivate you to reach your goals

What can you expect in the first PT session?

  • Consultation on your current physical activity, overall health, potential injuries, nutritional habits, daily routine, etc.
  • Basic exercises to measure your fitness level
  • Based on these we start building-up your training programme