Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I buy my membership for Nr1 Fitness?
    All payments are done online, except the PREPAID option that also can be paid cash at the gym during staff opening hours. When you have paid your code will be sent to your email so you can enter immediately.
  2. Can I pay by cash?
    Only the PREPAID option can be paid with cash, all the other options must be purchased online.
  3. How can I cancel my FLEX membership?
    The FLEX membership can be cancelled by sending an email to 30 days before you want it to be cancelled.
  4. I want to train for only one month, how can I do that?
    Just send an email to that you want to cancel the same day as you buy your membership, and it will only be for one month.
  5. Can I try out the gym before buying a membership?
    You are very welcome to try out the gym for the first time for free. Just come between our staffed opening hours which are 15:00-21:00 on weekdays, and bring your ID card and your own pad-lock.
  6. Do you accept AYCM card or “sport Kartya” ?
    We do not accept AYCM card or sport kartya.
  7. I dont have a bank card, can I use someone else’s card?
    You can use someone else’s bankcard, just be sure to register with your own email address when signing up.
  8. Can I use my code at both gyms?
    Of course, at Nr1 Fitness you can train in both gyms with one membership.
  9. How can I get an appointment with a personal trainer?
    Just send an email to for a personal trainer at Oktogon or for Kalvin ter.
  10. Can I train for free if I have personal trainer?
    You have to have a membership or daypass if you want to train with a personal trainer in the gym.
  11. How can I freeze my membership?
    If you have a BASIC membership you can freeze your membership one month per year by sending an email to
  12. Do you have a Sauna or swimmingpool?
    At Nr1 Fitness we dont offer sauna or swimmingpool in order to keep our costs to a minimum for all our members.
  13. Will I get a towel/slippers in the gym?
    You have to bring your own towel and slippers to the gym since we dont have staffed reception all the time.
  14. Do I have to bring a pad-lock?
    Yes, you have to bring a pad-lock if you wish to close the locker.
  15. Can my friend use my code?
    No, your code is strictly personal and can only be used by you. We check our system daily if some codes have been used more times and then check the cameras if the same person is using it, or if there is someone else. Giving your code to anyone else is a serious offense and will lead to 50.000HUF in penalty and lifetime ban from all Nr1 Fitness centres.